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This community has moderated posting.
Do not panic if your post does not show up immediately.

Your moderators are:
User: denial_landdenial_land, User: handgunErin, User: hollyinfiniteHolly, and User: girlonthewing6Rieddhi.
Contact them here: [comment].

Thanks to goodnews for the layout, and blueprint for the default icon.

Side note: User: swiftscout4Kurt did not make this community.


selling something on eBay?
- Find the most recent sales post (here) and advertise your auction in comments.
- Do not post your auction as a new entry, it will be rejected from the queue and redirected to the most recent sales post!

- post an introductory post. Once you join, you're in.
- heavily swear. If you don't say it in front of grandma, don't say it here. Keep your posts and icon PG-13!
- post layouts here. They can be posted to kurt_layout.
- ask "hey it's been over 12 days. I don't know where my merch is?" Email Kurt - he'll know, we won't.
- flame, troll, or otherwise harass your fellow members.
- disallow comments on your posts. Ever. Not right away, not retroactively.
- promote your community here -- that can be done at ljcommunities.
- post your problems with how things are run in the community. Comment here if you disagree with something we've done.
- make your own merchandise with Kurt's images and then try to distribute it. We love seeing your homemade merch, but the work is still copyrighted!
- post long links! It's bad for the layout. Either place them below an lj-cut or use the "word link" tag.
- post about your eBay auction or stuff you are selling or looking for in an entry. Instead, write a comment to the most recent sales post.

- keep posts relatively on topic. Art chatter in general is okay, however. No advertising.
- treat your fellow posters with respect. We are all here for the same reason.
- LJ cut big images (200 x 200 pixels + ) and long posts.
- scroll through at least the first 25 entries to see if your question has already been asked.
- email Kurt if you have a question that does not pertain to all of us (e.g., you need to exchange the shirt you just bought for a larger size).
- read the memories/tags, especially the first category
- check here for buyer/seller feedback before purchasing anything from a community member!
- contact us by email or comment if you need to! here!.
- look through the photobuckets (linked below) before you ask for a specific picture. They contain everything that has ever been available as picture online. We have no secret stash anywhere. If it's not there, it's 99.9% certain that no one else has it.

Violations of these guidelines will result in warnings. If you continue to abuse the community, it will result in banned posting privileges until we think you've learned your lesson. If you just keep ignoring our attempts to rehabilitate you into the community you will be banned. (Please Note: You will have plenty of chances to redeem yourself. Only trolls and meanie-heads will be banned forever.)

We have awarded "unmoderated posting privileges" to the following users for their continued high-quality contributions to the community:



- kurt_layout
- khf_icons
- art_for_trade
- Photobucket account (thanks to unpeudezen), now with tags! [need help?]
- Frames by Mail
- Promotion buttons and banners for your userinfo!
- Our tag list!
- HOWTO make an lj-cut
- For Sale! Comment with your ebay auctions, trade offers, and WANTED posts here!
- AVAILABLE AGAIN! Hi-Res pictures released by Kurt: host 1, host 2, host 3 -- try one! :)

Please note: Even though we have regular "sales posts", where you can sell, trade or buy items from other users, these transactions happen independently from the community and on users' own risk and responsibility. It is advised to purchase or sell valuable items through eBay or official websites only. Again, use this community to buy and sell at your own risk! Moderators are not responsible. This community is not commercial.