"washed away' print for sale

Our art collection is out of hand so were parting with some pieces.
"washed away (or at least at sea, assume we are dead)"
Back: signed, dated 2009, and numbered 67/100
Front: embossed heart and letter K in Halsey's handwriting style
artwork is 14 1/2" x 20" printed with archival ink on 17" x 22" thick cotton rag paper
Its been stored flat in a plastic sleeve away from extreme temps & light.

I've listed it on ebay but would love to sell it to another fan so please send me an email smnw5280@gmail with any offers.

Posters for free

I'm moving and came across some older posters. There are 4 of them. You would just need to pay for shipping. I will roll them in a tube to keep cost down. I can ship internationally.

You can leave an email and I'll contact you or you can send me a PM.


Does anyone know what happened to Kurt Halsey? I have 3 original paintings and 2 original drawings plus tons of bookmarks, pins, and messenger bag etc. I still love what I purchased so long ago but curious if he still paints/draws?

Kurt Halsey Items For Sale

E-mail me at hollyinfinite at outlook.com if you're interested in purchasing anything. I accept payments through Paypal.

Pictures below.

Stickers, postcards, folding cards, mini prints, and felt leaves available for sale. Everything is price to sell, lower than you'd typically find these pieces.

Album link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/80983698@N03/sets/72157633479162046/
- you can see the prices in the album by selecting the picture you're interested in.

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Print and posters give away

Got the Enough Hurt print... I think it was called. It's big, like a metre or more long. (Don't have a measuring tape!) The two posters are like 30cm x 45cm. (Bigger than A4 and smaller than A3 for those familiar with UK paper sizes.)

Have to get rid but would be nice if they went to a loving home!

Not really looking for money, but if you pay for postage and say £10 for the set (every little helps and £10 would cover a trip to the post office and then a few quid left!) If you only want one or a couple message and we can discuss!

The professional framing on enough hurt was £100 - £200 can't remember. If you'd like the frame too then get in touch and I can see if there's any reasonable way to deliver that too for you!

Just message if you've got any questions :)