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Monthly Tutorial - Stenciling!

Monthly tutorial? Yea, we're going to do a tutorial every month. This month is stenciling!


Image Prep
Clean Up
Multi-Layer Help
Image Help

Extra Links:
Stenciling Forums
Fabric Medium
PaintShop Pro Trial
Photoshop Trial
More Tutorials and Tips

Got some other great links? Let me know and I'll add them.

Also... did I spell everything right in the tutorial?

I hope you guys will post your stencils in the post!


They're really tiny!
I know, I don't know what happened! I'm fixing it tho
This is awesome
Thanks for doing this
This is fabulous. Great job, I'll definately be using this. ;)
Here's the stuff I did today

it must be bunnies

its an omen

While I was on the stenciling streak...
This is a knitting needle case, now with more cow. ^^


more moo
That's really cool! This will be really useful.

I also just wanted to give you this link, hope you don't mind;


There's just some different tips on there, some good photoshop tips and just stencils using other materials.
thanks! I added your link ^^
excellent tutorial!
i never thought of using freezer paper.
you misspelled bridge when talking about the cow.
ohh... im horrible.


I knew I knew you from somewhere, other than the stencilxcore community.

you're awesome.
Is it just me or is freezer paper ridiculously expensive? I had my mom go look a couple weeks ago and she said it was like $6. -_-

it is like 6 bucks, but seriously, a roll will last you like a year.
PLUS, once you try freezer paper, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.
Oh wow, I feel sorry fo you. It's only like 2.79 where I live. But yeah the stuff will last a long time so it'd be worth 6 too.
uhm... i bought a huge roll for three bucks.
LOVIN the bunny design... and my bunny Cloud says he likes it too...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
BUNNY!!! So cute. ^_^
he is my cutie pie! keekeekee... but he's gotten a lot bigger now... =/
Big bunnies are still really cute... ^_^
SOOO cute!!
thanks. i luv him lots <3333 .. and he loves carrot tops! hahah
hehe you make me giggle. i should make one on how to make a kurt halsey tshirt with that marker :P
has a good number of stencils.
Ive got the stencilxcore version of that site listed above. its the same stuff, she just posted it in the community there. but thanks!!
Oh wow, looks great.
Did you add it to the community memories already? :)
yup (:
um maybe this is a dumb question but does freezer paper work like transfer paper or no?
No? I'm not sure what you mean by transfer paper tho... like... iron on transfer paper? It doesn't leave anything behind, it just sticks in place to the shirt or material. Whet you peel it up, you get nice crisp lines.
would this be put into memories for later use/reference or whatnot?